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About us

FA+DE offers design, engineering, supervision and consultancy services for specialized AEC solutions and Building enclosures.

We complement teams of architects, contractors, owners and fabricators with our profound knowledge in building science and facade systems, assisting them on projects of all sizes and complexity.  

Our experience in the AEC industry and strategic thinking about projects, results with intuitive, practical solutions. Understanding wide-scope of construction processes and material implementation specifics, we are able to see beyond the surface of issues, anticipating how the solution will impact the project. This practice allows us to provide unique, cost effective engineering response.

Passion and constant curiosity placed us to the specialized niche in AEC industry - Building enclosures. Facades, which form the outer skins of buildings, are considered to be one of the most expensive and potentially the highest risk element of any major project, amounting to around 25% of the overall construction cost. That is why our approach is based on performance with business focus, as well as design-led decisions which are underpinned by technical industry standards.

FA+DE engineering process is broken up into phases so that it’s not overwhelming but instead, easily understandable and smooth for the collaboration. From design development to the construction documentation we work in CAD or in BIM softwares together with our clients, remotely, from any desk, in any place, anytime.

As part of 'environmentally-focused group' of engineers and designers, we take care of each segment of the building that represents the face of the city but also the most sophisticated habitable place.

Our Practice

Carefully identifying key elements that add value to building performance while taking care of cost, time and quality aspects


Design and Engineering



We support you with specialized solutions, being your very own engineering and consultancy team outside of the office

Project Management

Applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in project activities, we quickly and smoothly meet the requirements and objectives of the project.

Product Design

Understanding the end user, we solve specific design needs, which are tested by a prototype in the factory and checked whether all customer requirements are met.

Concept Design

Based on architectural and aesthetic intent, we concept design which effectively covers project requirements, reducing operational cost and increasing building lifetime.

Detail Design

Within facade engineering process we apply buidling physics, environmental and structural characteristics to drive the most efficient solution by focusing on the each of individual building component.

Material order

Creating material orders we help manufacturers to order the necessary material on time and according to the documentation, as one of key steps towards a successful outcome.


Coordinating and assisting the fabrication process, providing all necessary fabrication documents, and being constantly at fabricator disposal, we transform a idea into a real product, whether it is a system solution or a customized design.

Site Installation Control

Monitoring the installation process by following system recommendations, technical guidance and site environment conditions, our goal is to avoid on-site negative impacts to facade performance, costs and deadlines.

AEC specialized design

Our expertise allows us to face and overcome any unexpected obstacles that might occur during the project development, advising and designing specialized details for the most delicate needs of the buildings.

Portfolio available upon request

Contact us and we’ll promptly send you a personalized response, providing you with our portfolio. We’re happy to share examples of the projects developed through the years.

Let's engineer your building together

Even if it is a specific or complex requirement we are always interested in listening. Please feel free to email or just speak your mind below.


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